It’s Always Fun When Grandpa [and Grandma] Come!

It’s Always Fun When Grandpa [and Grandma] Come!

It’s still strange for me to think of my parents as grandparents sometimes. I feel old enough to be a parent, but I just don’t think of my parents as being old enough to be grandparents. Regardless, just like the song, Cooper and Ellen love it when grandma and grandpa come to visit. Noel and I also love their visits because the kids tend to get into less  trouble since they’re getting so much attention.  Also, if we’re lucky, we’re able to sneak away for some alone time.  This last visit had all of those elements.

There was all manner of shrieking coming from our house when grandma, grandpa, and Uncle Mitchell rolled up to our house after their long drive and the giggles didn’t stop (save for a few tired melt-downs) till they left. Noel and I were able to go to the Denver LDS temple and dinner, on a sunrise run, and also to a no-kids allowed church meeting. Maybe this makes us old and lame, but it was so nice to be able to do things we normally can’t.

We also took everyone to the Pumpkin Patch and enjoyed the lovely Indian Summer we’re having. Their trip was over before we knew it, but we were so glad it happened. Checkout the pictures below. The middle row are pictures I took, but everything else is done by my mom (as if you couldn’t tell).

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