Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014

Minions! A few weeks before Halloween I was talking with some of my mom friends and they were sharing what their kids wanted to be for Halloween. It made me feel a little bummed since my kids just stared at me blankly when I asked, “What do you want to be for Halloween?”  (Ellen didn’t really have a concept of Halloween and Cooper struggles with open-ended questions.) As I was mulling over this “problem” it occurred to me that I just wasn’t asking the question in the right way. I showed Cooper pictures from last year and then showed him a Pinterest board I’d put together of costume ideas. It didn’t take Cooper anytime at all to decide that he wanted to be a minion. Whenever we’d go shopping and I’d tell him we were looking for stuff for his minion costume he’d get really excited.

PA310078I was going to make the kids hats, but then I found some and Target. At first I wasn’t sure about spending $20 on hats for a Halloween costumes and some part of me felt sad that the costumes wouldn’t be very homemade, but when I tried to put them back to contemplate the purchase Cooper almost had a breakdown and the decision was made. Based on how attached the kids are to them, I think the hats will be worn way beyond Halloween.

Despicable Me

We all dressed up for our church Halloween party. Noel was Gru and I was Lucy from Despicable Me 2. When we were all together, people caught on quick, but when we were apart people just thought I was a lady in a bathrobe. (The changes I’d made to make it look like a trench coat just couldn’t compensate for the bathrobe fabric I guess 😉

Corn Muffins


We also made an insane amount of corn muffins for the party. Just had to throw that in there.

School Parade On Halloween day, we went to a costume parade at Cooper’s preschool (all the kids were thrilled as you can tell.)

Party! Then a party followed. Ellen jumped right in as if she were an actual member of the class which kind of annoyed Cooper.

LeopardI’d thought about putting on my Lucy getup, but didn’t want to wear high heels and a bathrobe while chasing kids (again) so I opted to be a leopard.

CarvingIt had been a crazy week so we didn’t carve our pumpkin until Halloween. Noel had to help someone move (yeah, you read that right) so he missed out on the carving, but we still did something nerdy without his influence.

Pumpkin PiWhile we waited for Noel to come home and take the kids trick-or-treating, I fed the kids posole so they’d at least have something nutritious in their bellies. (The recipe will be up on the food blog in the next couple of days, so stay tuned! can be found here.)

PosoleCooper also told me that he was a funny minion and Ellen was a bad minion which cracked me up.

Minions! The kids were SO excited when Noel came home since a few trick-or-treaters had already been by our place. They went out and hit up a few neighbors houses while I stayed home and handed out bouncy balls. (You can read more about my crabby Halloween opinions on our food blog.)

Bouncy BallsThe kids of course thought trick-or-treating was the best thing ever.


4 thoughts on “Halloween 2014

  1. Halloween, it brings out the kid in all of us. It is always nice when you have kids to share it with, as so many do not. When I see you and Noel dress up, it’s like watching our kids all over. (I guess it really is). Your children, our grandchildren, are also fun to watch. I am sure Cooper will treasure these Halloweens with his sister, even though he competes with her now. They are both adorable, and I love them so much. Good times, candy, friends, and mostly family, the joy of life, thanks.

  2. I thought a lot about the Halloween handout conundrum from your cooking blog…and I think bouncy balls are a great solution! I might steal that from you next year. 🙂

  3. I read the post on your cooking blog too, and I shared some of your debate. I had to bring treats to Caleb’s class, and, while I wasn’t avoiding candy completely, I was trying to do something fun without adding food coloring (even though I know they will eat it when they open their packets of M&Ms and licorice, etc). I almost opted for the fruit route (clementines or mandarin with celery stuck in them for the pumpkin effect) but they weren’t very cheap at our grocery store, and I didn’t want to buy 30 of them. So I made the witch hats (fudge-striped cookie upside down with the candy kiss frosted/glued on top–but the frosting was homemade and not dyed orange like on pinterest….) However, it was interesting to note that Caleb got a pencil in his trick or treating and actually said it was one of his favorite things (maybe because it was bright green?) So that’s another non-candy option that some kids (or at least mine) would enjoy.

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