Hardy Stock

Hardy Stock

Footsteps in the SnowI’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not your average preschool mom,  but my craziness rating hit new levels this last week. When temperatures dropped to single digits and we still kept walking to school people were flabbergasted.  I just shrugged off the incredulity and said, “It’s just easier” which didn’t seem to alleviate anyone’s concern. I’m expecting a call from Child Protective Services any day now and will save my pedantic rebuttals for that conversation about the distance not being long enough for my car to heat up anyway.

Ellen was happier than this photo indicates . . . really.

A while back, my book club read Global Mom where the author chronicles raising her kids in various foreign countries. As a mom of young kids, I found it equally intriguing (because of all her cool adventures with young kids) and annoying (again, because of all her cool adventures with young kids). The place they lived that fascinated me most was Norway. There everyone sent their kids to the local preschool/daycare where the kids played outside in the snow for hours.  At first the idea seemed so strange and dangerous, but it grew on her and after acquiring the right gear you couldn’t tell her kids form the native Norwegians.  I’m not actually a fan of the cold, but I do have some Finnish and Norwegian blood coursing through my veins which is maybe why I don’t bat an eye when I bundle my kids up Christmas Story -style and step out into the cold to brave the treacherous two block journey to preschool.  Or maybe it would just take a polar vortex before the daunting battle of loading and unloading the car for a .2 mile drive would seem worth it.

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  1. The cold is easier to deal with than the heat. Bundle up when it is cold, turn up the heat you’re fine. The heat requires more extreme measures such as air conditioners, and hardly any clothes. They will both bring about lethal conditions, but as an Alaskan, I prefer snow and freezing conditions. Driving can be more difficult for the inexperienced. It requires more respect for road conditions. Playing in the snow has great advantages. Cross country skiing, snow shoeing, building a good fire, down hill skiing, snow boarding, ice skating, hot cocoa, Hockey, sledding, throwing snow balls, building snow men ( and women), relaxing in the hot tub, getting your tongue stuck on a pole ( that’s not a lot of fun, but watching someone else do it is quite funny). Winter has some fun advantages. I am pleasantly jealous of those who can participate in these activities. Audrey you do well and I applaud you. Thanks.

  2. I would (and have in the past) walk my kids to school, too. It’s soooo close, not worth the carseat hassle, takes the same amount of time as the car (much less actually since you don’t have to clean off the car!), and when everyone else drives because it’s “too cold”, the closest parking spot to the school is your corner anyway.

  3. I totally agree, it is not worth it to load kids up for such a short drive, and it takes more time and effort to do so! And good cold air is a little invigorating, isn’t it?

  4. Love those Norwegians 😉 I used to fare much better in the cold, but now I think I’m losing it. I’m afraid to even move back to Utah. Haha.

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