Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

I really struggled to get into the Christmas spirit this year. It’s not unusual for me to be a bit of a grinch this time of year, but this year I especially struggled. I’ve felt the need to feel my Savior’s love stronger than any other Christmas as we’ve dealt with the responsibility of being caretakers, hostility towards Noel’s profession,* and being hit repeatedly with sickness after sickness.** Even though I’ve felt many small moments of reassurance, I have not felt particularly merry or bright.  I’m so grateful for my children though. Because of them, we’ve gone through the motions of celebrating and even though I’m not particularly sad to say goodbye to this Christmas season, I think the kids truly had a wonderful time and brought a little bit of light into our lives at a much needed time.

*Sadly, I’m not just talking about stuff you read in the news, but from actual people we know and associate with.
**As I’m writing this I’m cradling Ellen whose body seems to be exorcising everything she ate in the last 24 hours.

One thought on “Christmas 2016

  1. People being pickles about Noel’s work: yikes, I’m sorry. Manners matter, people.

    Cooper’s reindeer is awesome.

    Ellen’s 2nd guitar picture: I can totally see her as a rock star. Prepare yourself. 😉

    Our family did the same light walk but earlier in the month – little Will loved it, too.


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