Spiral Jetty

Spiral Jetty

Any weekend is a good reason to take a few extra days and enjoy the summer. We got to spend a very nice, relaxing weekend up at Park City with Grandma and Grandpa McConkie. While up there we got to see a parade of the fireman’s convention (a whole parade of firetrucks, the coolest part of any parade), check out some of the local outrageously expensive real estate, and spend some time at the pool.

After that we went down to the hot vacation spot of Brigham City. Ever since reading Jessie’s Blog from a while ago where she went to Spiral Jetty, I’ve wanted to go and see it. So, we picked up Mitchell, and started driving to the middle of nowhere. Once there, we took a left onto a dirt road, another left, and a right, drove past three “No Tresspassing” signs and over four cattle guards. As it turns out little Honda can do some moderate off-roading too. Then we got to it.

So, of course, we had to go out and play. Here’s Mitchell and I checking things out.

The shore was mostly made up of dried salt. The water is red in places there too because of a special kind of bacteria that can survive in the salty water.

And Audrey was present, of course, looking like a movie star in her sunglasses.

Here’s us the happy couple.

And a panoramic view of the Jetty. (Click on it to see it bigger.)

On our journey back we stopped by Golden Spike to see the place where the railroads met. Now that I’ve been there, I can see why that was the last place they got to while building the railroad. Anyway, here’s the Union Pacific 119.

And, of course, Mitchell and I being the engineers of the train.

4 thoughts on “Spiral Jetty

  1. Hey Noel and Audrey,

    you’re doing such cool stuff in Utah…I am honestly jealous πŸ˜‰ Too bad that Germany doesn’t have anything similar to offer…

    I am very excited to see pictures of your next trips!

    PS: If you want to visit me in my own apartment in Germany, don’t hesitate to come over πŸ™‚

    Bye for now,

    your good old German friend Matthias.

  2. Matthias,

    I’m sure Germany has plenty going on. I’d really like to see it someday. We’ll have to take you up on your offer sometime.

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