Dear Santa, I no longer want a white Christmas.

Dear Santa, I no longer want a white Christmas.


I miss the 10 year drought we were having here in Utah. We’ve seen way too much snow.

We  skied on snow,


Shoveled snow,



Bent the skid plate on our car from driving in snow,


Got stuck at Danielle’s house with her smelly dog and no toothbrushes due to the snow,

No more guacamole for Bassie!
No more guacamole for Bassie!
That's toothpaste on our fingers.

And returned to Logan to find that snow falling off our roof had removed the rain gutter from the house.


We did, however, have a Christmas miracle. In the process of loading the car to go to Audrey’s parents’ house on Christmas Eve I left the computer on the top of the car. (This may sound vaguely familiar to some of you.) I didn’t realize it until sometime Christmas morning. After driving back to Logan, digging in the snowbanks up and down our street, and returning to Brigham City, I was sure I was never going to see it again. A few hours later I got a call from a kind person who found my computer in an intersection about four blocks from our house being driven over by cars. By some miracle it had survived falling off the car and lying in the slush for who knows how long. A little beat up and no worse for the wear, my little Dell was still kicking.



Thanks Brian, you saved Christmas this year.

4 thoughts on “Dear Santa, I no longer want a white Christmas.

  1. It’s a Christmas miracle too that you all got everywhere you needed to go this holiday!

    It’s 24 below zero here tonight in Alaska and even I’m cold for the first time in a long while.

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