Sometimes I Wish I Was Amish

Sometimes I Wish I Was Amish

It’s perhaps a bit shameful how dependent I am on things like the internet, especially since these types of technology are fickle and don’t always dig me quite as much as I dig them. A few summers back I had a computer at my summer job with a monitor that randomly blacked out. Nothing was ever lost from those instances and my job was only temporary, so instead  of hassling with IT  I just didn’t do anything about it. Then my boss found out and sent in an IT ticket on red alert. One of the IT students came in and tinkered with my computer. After the better part of an hour, he told me he didn’t know what was wrong with the computer, but I’d probably need a new monitor eventually. Then as he was leaving he quickly added, “Oh, and something weird happened to your screen – sorry about that.” Miffed, I sat down and looked at the newly zoomed in screen he’d left me with. It looked like a bad fix for the mildly myopic with slightly over sized icons and the start button and task bar only half visible as they peaked out from under the monitor’s plastic frame. Is it any wonder I’m often hesitant to seek “professional” help when hitches come up in my technological endeavors?

Our whole week has kind of been like that. Hours lost tinkering with cables and outlets and day long calls resulting in slower internet connection. Now Blogger has taken up issue with me and even though I don’t actually use Blogger I’ve already decided I hate it.  Currently I don’t feel like dealing with this issue, so until I decide to fight that battle my wonderfully witty comments will not be appearing on your beloved blogs. So before you take offense, just know that I’m still one of your e-BFFs . . . and that I think you should seriously look into WordPress 🙂

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  1. Oh wow I can totally relate to that. Mostly my experiences have been with the car and ignoring that pesky check engine light. When I finally take (or tow) it in they tell me it costs all this money to fix it?! Obviously the problem was caused by the check engine light – just turn it off! Well that was a bit off topic but yes I feel a similar pain with technology – you’re not alone.

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