Baby Bedding

Baby Bedding

I’ve got a super exciting sewing update for you today. We’re planning on having the new baby sleep in our room for awhile when she first arrives. We have a pack ‘n play where the mattress pad can function as a hanging bassinet and I wanted to make it a bit more comfy and homey for our little one. I made a super soft swaddle blanket using two different types of minky. I used this tutorial to produce the self-binding for the blanket. I had to read through the tutorial about four times because some of the steps didn’t seem intuitive to me, but once my neurons started firing it wasn’t that hard. The minky was a bit slippery and didn’t produce as clean of a border as I’m sure the recommended flannel would have, but I still adore the blanket and can’t wait to wrap a tiny baby in it. For the sheet, I just used some fabric I had leftover from another project and followed this tutorial. The sheet was SUPER easy to make, so I’ll probably whip up at least one more.

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  1. Thanks for the links. I need to make some sheets for our pack and play, and never even thought to make them myself (i’m not too handy with my machine, and there is nothing intuitive about sewing to me) but maybe i’ll give it a whirl! By the way, your belly is super cute!

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