Weird Green Things That Make Me Smile

Weird Green Things That Make Me Smile

Becopotty: It’s a completely biodegradable toilet. It’s designed to be used starting with really small babies (for parents more dedicated than me that practice elimination communication), but I’ve read several reviews of people that used it with their toddlers. The seat can last for multiple kids and when you’re all done with it you can bury it in your yard and it will biodegrade over a couple of years as it nourishes your flower garden. The best part is it isn’t anymore expensive than one of those plastic toilets ($12.99 from Amazon and a few other places).

I love Seventh Generation laundry detergent because it’s specially formulated to get clothes clean using cold water. I wash everything in cold (except for a hot wash on dirty diapers) and it’s not only doing good things for the environment, but for our utility bills. To make their detergent just that much cooler, they designed a bottle awhile back that is 100% recyclable and compostable while the detergent itself is 4X concentrated.

I am a chip addict. No seriously. When we first started to try our best to avoid processed foods I really and truly suffered chip withdrawals. I had to avoid the chip aisle (Side note: Our local Kroger store labels this aisle “Salty Snacks” which always gives me a good chuckle.) when shopping to avoid a complete meltdown where I was tearing open bags and downing Doritos like there was no tomorrow. Fortunately, I found Boulder Canyon chips which are not only delicious and frequently on sale, but a local product. To make themselves even cooler they recently began packaging their product in compostable chip bags. I know they aren’t the first company to do this, but I think they have more clout than to stop doing it just because people complain about the noise the bag makes.

You are not going to find any awe inspiring gift wrap or party planning ideas on this blog. I am always amazed at craft bloggers ability to constantly host parties (Seriously, how many pregnant or engaged women do these people know?) in which they completely redecorate their home and create desserts and favors to fit some clever theme. It’s cute and fun in it’s own way, but not my style at all. I generally consider cleaning my house to be a pretty good stab at ambiance, but I promise if you ever attend a party at my house you will no doubt be blown away by the taste of my creations even if they aren’t adorable . Also, if I ever give you a gift it will probably be wrapped in something I previously salvaged. It’s been so long since I bought a gift bag I can’t even remember and I’m pretty sure the last time I bought wrapping paper was like three Christmases ago. Call me cheap, but I prefer green 🙂 Recently I came across the Seventh Generation Guide to Reducing Holiday Packaging which gave me some amazing ideas on how to up my holiday greenness. I seriously can’t wait to send someone a package filled with popcorn instead of packing peanuts 🙂

4 thoughts on “Weird Green Things That Make Me Smile

  1. We always wrap our Christmas presents in flight maps. Pilots have to have current ones to fly, but they expire so freakin often. With a little ribbon they look so cool!

  2. Very nice 🙂 I haven’t bought a gift bag probably since before we were married. Although all the wedding and baby shower gift bags are dwindling. Sometimes when I take a gift elsewhere (esp to my parents’ house for people from my family), I can still get the gift bag back and use it again because the celebrated person will toss it aside and I’ll go ahead and pick it up.

  3. Ha ha, I am just like the comment above–I cringe when I see people toss gift bags, and re-claim them from family as appropriate as well. I re-use tissue paper, ribbons, some bows, etc. Thanks for the tips!

  4. It’s really nice when being green and saving money go hand in hand! I always tell my mom that she is green, not because she has strong beliefs about helping the environment so much, but because she likes saving money. We wrapped family presents in the Sunday comics, anyone that turned up the heater got lectured about wearing jackets and socks if it’s too cold, and she would always rescue the plastic utensils from the trash at family gatherings to wash and reuse them 🙂

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