Happy, Happy Birthday!

Happy, Happy Birthday!

I had Noel fill out a questionnaire last week to help me plan the “Perfect Day” for his birthday. To get an insight into what makes this wonderful guy tick, here’s what he choose:

  • Wake up a little early to fit in a run.
  • Eat creme brulee french toast and a glass of orange juice.
  • Work (Okay, this was not necessarily part of the “perfect day,” but Noel really does love his job.)
  • Lunch at D’Deli. (If  you ever visit remind me to take you there. I don’t typically like sandwiches, but thinking about theirs makes me salivate.)
  • More work.
  • Dinner of croissants (the real ones that seriously took 3 days to make), fruit, and creamy pasta with veggies and steak. (The pasta tasted way better than the picture lets on.)


  • Play with Cooper (and field a dozen birthday phone calls).
  • Open presents

  • Raspberry cream cheese cake with vanilla ice cream.

  • Put little boy to bed.
  • Watch a movie while snuggling with prego wife.

Cooper and I did our best and hopefully made some of his wildest dreams come true. Happy Birthday Noel!


5 thoughts on “Happy, Happy Birthday!

  1. Forget Noel, that cake looks amazing!! 😉 jk. Although I DID forget Noel on his birthday. Keeping track of birthdays was never my strong point. Happy Belated Birthday Noel!

  2. That smile on your face Noel is worth so much more than the monetary things of this life. It will be in my heart when ever I think of the great things in life. I love you and your family so much.

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