Pros and Cons of Vacationing with Small Children

Pros and Cons of Vacationing with Small Children

  • Pro: When kids are really little they can fly for free.
  • Con: You have to wrestle a wiggly baby for the duration of your flight.
  • Pro: Ariline workers will often take pity on you and check your carry-on luggage for free when you ask nicely.
  • Con: Kids are too little to help carry any any of the baggage and even though they’re so tiny they require  A LOT of baggage.
  • Pro: Kids clothes are tiny, so you can fit a lot of them in a suitcase.
  • Con: Kids need a lot of clothes because they’re constantly inventing new ways to make them messy.
  • Pro: You don’t have to go through the body scanners at airport security when you fly with tiny kids.
  • Con: You literally fill the entire x-ray machine conveyor belt with strollers, car seats, and all your carry-on luggage.
  • Pro: You get to board a little bit early with family boarding.
  • Con: The people in first class give you dirty looks when you clock them in the head with the edge of the car seat you are precariously carrying down the tiny airplane aisle.
  • Pro: Travelling with kids is a great substitute for working out.
  • Con: You smell by the time you reach your destination.
  • Pro: Kids don’t realize that they should be embarrassed when their family does silly things like run a 5K in ridiculous Santa costumes.
  • Con: Kids have to be pushed for the entire duration of the 5K.
  • Pro: Their size makes it easy to fit the entire family into one guest room.
  • Con: Sometimes the kids wake each other up.
  • Pro: Kids don’t mind eating snacks for meals and can easily sleep on the go.
  • Con: Kids get ornery when their schedules are messed up.
  • Pro: They’re not ashamed to have their diapers changed anywhere.
  • Con: Having to change diapers on the trunks of cars or at bus stops.
  • Pro: When you take the wrong bus and add an extra hour and a half to your return trip from the airport, your kids think you just took them on a super fun adventure to watch buses.
  • Con: You are frazzled after traveling which causes you to hastily misread a bus map. Instead of a quick ride to your trusty old car, you find yourself breastfeeding on a suitcase at a bus stop you never wanted to be at.

4 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Vacationing with Small Children

  1. Wow! That’s pretty awesome that you ran a 5k dressed as Santa. I am most impressed by the last pro/con – you should feel like a supermom. I don’t think we’re going to try out the pros and cons firsthand though… 😉

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